Consumer or professional, AltroPay has a payment solution to suit your needs, effortlessly!

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AltroPay is licensed to accept a wide range of clients. We currently serve a broad range of industries including freelancers, tech companies and more. We operate with emerging markets and constantly develop our solutions to suit the needs of the consumer.

We adhere to all relevant AML, KYC and other verifications assuring that all banking for emerging entities and individuals are achievable.

AltroPay offers assistance with all your onboarding requirements , we are here to support you online , don’t hesitate to chat to us anytime. We also assist companies their individual onboarding needs as well as other companies in all sectors that need a uncomplicated and trustworthy payment solution.

AltroPay supports the ability to make Cross border payments, the transactions can be between individuals or companies who are looking to transfer funds internationally.

Accounts to suit your business
Corporate Accounts
A AltroPay corporate account is full of business features for incorporated companies and legal entities.
Suitable for companies who:
are incorporated in Europe, or international companies with a subsidiary in Europe
businesses who want an account in their companies name (named IBAN)
companies in traditional and emerging markets
Merchant Accounts
AltroPay provide business accounts that are ideal for Sole Traders and Self Employed business people across Europe. Suitable for self employed who: work for yourself
do not have a corporate entity, such as a limited company
wish for your bank statement to show your business name (not your personal name)
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